Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Diagonal Animal Print


I loooove doing leopard print on my nails, it's so simple, doesn't have to be perfect and looks so effective! I was inspired to do this design by a few different manicures I'd seen on Instagram, where nail artists had used leopard print and zebra print together. 

I started off with a gradient using Peach Melba & Strawberry Tart by Models Own from their Fruit Pastel Scented range. To create the gradient, I painted my nails with the pink shade first, and let it dry. I then painted both of the colours onto a makeup sponge side-by-side, and sponged them diagonally onto each nail. I had to sponge a couple of times on each nail (leaving about a minute between each layer) to build up the colours. Still, the effect was quite subtle, but I liked it - it reminded me of sweets!

Once this gradient was dry (helped along with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) I then got out my trusty black nail art pen by Barry M. I doodled zebra print over the peach, and leopard print over the pink, then topped with more Insta-Dri topcoat to seal in the pen, as it washes off otherwise.

I looooove how these turned out and don't ever want to take them off!!Also, they had a delicious smell of fruity sweets due to the scented polish. Yum!


  1. These look awesome!! I definitely have to try these once I have practiced my zebra print some more :)

    1. Thanks Robin! I think I found it so easy cos the Barry M pen is so simple to use, and I just used some pictures for guidance of how to do the zebra/leopard print :-D

  2. I'm not a fan of animal print personally, but I'm loving the combination with the subtle, pretty gradient!


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