Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tiny Little Roses


My nails today were totally inspired by Olivia from Pastille Beauty, where I've started to go to get a gel pedi done because they last for ages. I went earlier this week, and Olivia's nails were amazing - she'd done them herself with gel polish, and I was so impressed by how tiny the roses were, I loved the whole look in general and told her I was going to recreate them!

Liv's nails:

For my version, I used Barry M Rose Hip for the pale pink base, and the flowers are Cerise Shine by Models Own. I used a dotting tool for them, then added the leaves with Barry M Cardamom. This was the bit I was worried about because I'm rubbish at using nail art brushes! I can't be neat and accurate with them, so the leaves are more like blobs, but I suppose they're so small it doesn't really matter. I added the black detail to the roses with my Barry M pen.

I topcoated with Sally Hansen insta-dri to make them all shiny! 

The flash on my camera has washed the colour out on these a bit, especially in the pic with both hands in, but they're the best I can do at the moment!!

Everyone needs to go and follow Olivia on Instagram now to see more of her creations, and we will hopefully be doing more mani swaps in the future :-D

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