Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Barry M Glitterati


Around Halloween I won a competition ran by Barry M on twitter.  They said my prize would be "a few goodies" - I expected one or two polishes or make-up items, and was amazed and very excited when it turned up a few days later and turned out to be the FULL Glitterati collection!

For those that don't know, the Glitterati collection was only recently released and consists of 6 brightly coloured glitter polishes that are really dense and packed full of coloured and holographic glitter. Here are all six of my lovely prizes:

I needed a quick nail update, but didn't have time to create any nail art, so I selected Socialite (the purple) and Starlet (the pink) from the collection to apply to my nails. The glitter is in a semi-transparent jelly-like base, and I'd read it took a good few coats to build them up to full opacity. I didn't want loads of layers of thick glitter, so I decided to match each polish to a similar shade to go underneath. I didn't need to look any further than my other Barry M shades. To go with Socialite I selected Rhosilli, and for Starlet I picked Grapefruit. Here are the four polishes I used, two coats of each on each nail, the glitter on top obviously! 

These polishes apply quite thickly and you need to apply it slowly and carefully, perhaps putting more polish on the brush than you usually would, but once you've realised all this they were fine to work with, especially over a similar shade. 

I looove this look, and my nails have had a few compliments after just one day! I think I love the pink nail the best - it's so vibrant and sparkly and I'd love to do a full mani in this colour.

I think that you could get slightly different effects with the Glitterati polishes (the ones I've tried anyway) depending on what colour you used as a base, or whether you used one at all. Swatches of these polishes I've seen on other blogs look a bit different due to no under-coat being used, but this is just a bonus as one polish can provide several looks!

I'll try out the others soon, and I'll definitely be returning to this collection over the Christmas season!


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  2. These are lovely! Too bad they are a bit thick. I'm really interested in the blue ones! Are you going to post those as well? :)

    1. I've already posted about the purply-blue one here - http://mymintnails.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/barry-m-fashion-icon.html - that's beautiful! I'll definitely be trying the other blue one but I can't say when - I reckon it'll be before xmas though at some point :-) x

  3. gorgeous! I just ordered a few glitterati shades. my friend is visiting her grandmother in Burbage so she is my nail polish "mule" and i can't wait for my first Barry M's!! xo

    1. Barry M is definitely a good choice!! <3 xx


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