Friday, 14 November 2014

Mint Mix


I'm so excited to show you this mani because I love it so much! I only got to wear it for two days sadly, but I was really pleased with it. This is a mix-and-match mani I came up with based around this gorgeous mint green shade which is of course Sugar Apple by Barry M. 

For my index and little finger, I created a simple glitter gradient using a gorgeous, dense silver glitter I have by No.7. Sadly after I'd done this manicure I had to throw it away because it'd ran out! I really want to get another bottle though as it's fab for gradients. 

On my ring finger, I used some silver triangle studs I got from Born Pretty Store - another item I was sent to review. I had this design in mind and luckily they fit nicely in a row! I stuck them down onto wet polish and topcoated to hold them in place.

On my middle finger I did some simple leopard print by adding blobs of Sugar Apple to a white base. Once they dried I added the silver outlines using a nail art pen.

On my thumb I did a simple gradient using a make-up sponge with the two shades, and topcoated with a holo sparkly Barry M polish to finish it off.

I was so happy with the outcome and wanted to keep these on forever!


  1. These look amazing! I always love mint polishes and leopard print so I cannot but love this combination! :D

  2. Beautiful! love the studs and mint is my favourite color :)


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