Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nail Geek swatches


Last week I was contacted by a cosmetics brand called Makeup Revolution. They have just launched a new range of polishes called Nail Geek and they kindly sent me some to try out.

The polishes come separately or in 'collections' of five. I chose the Cool Nails Collection to try, as they were a fab selection of blues/greens. 

All the polishes here are shown swatched without topcoat (I did use base coat though) and I have mentioned for each how many coats of the polish I used. 

I'll start with the paler shades. The first one I tried was "Peppermint" - I can't resist a mint green, and this one was lovely. This took three coats for me to be happy with the opacity but you could probably get away with two!

This one is "Dreams", a lovely pale blue. Again, I used three coats.

Here is "Clear Skies", a darker and more dusky blue than Dreams, but still what I'd call pastel. Two coats was fine for this one. This one is my favourite of the five!

On to the darker shades, this one is "Inbetween" and is a vibrant turquoise shade. This would actually look really nice with just one coat as it's so pigmented but I applied two just to make sure there were no streaks.

The last one I tried is "Live Fearless". It's more on the blue side of turquoise/teal. As above, one coat would have been fine but I added an extra one just due to personal preference.

Overall, I was so impressed with these polishes! Because they are so cheap, I wasn't sure what kind of quality to expect. On opening the bottle they did have a bit that 'cheap polish' smell, but that didn't really bother me - it wasn't overpowering or anything. They applied really, really nicely, and were very creamy and smooth. The paler colours needed 2-3 coats to be fully opaque which I would expect for any pale polish. The darker colours only needed 1-2 coats, and all of the polishes dried quickly to a smooth, streak-free finish. They were also so shiny without topcoat, which I loved!!

Another bonus was that the brush was sturdy and wide, which I definitely prefer. I also liked the large chunky rectangle bottles - they all fit together nicely in my nail polish box.

Finally, I had a go at some nail art using the polishes (and a nail art pen) and this is what I came up with! As these are so opaque and brilliant shades they're great for nail art - they don't need too many layers to show up. I only needed two layers of "dabbing" for the gradient on my little finger!

The Cool Nails Collection of five polishes is available for just £7.95 and at the moment you get an extra polish free when you buy. There's other collections available, or you can get the polishes on their own for just £1.99. 
The different collections are here and the individual polishes are here - there are 45 shades!


  1. I seriously love every single one of these! Your nail art looks great too. The gradient pinky is my fave :)

    1. Thanks - I love them all too! And yeah the gradient is definitely my favourite too, I'm doing them all like that now!

  2. Your swatches look beautiful. I'm really surprised by how good these look considering the price. And I agree the square bottles are appealing, I love when they fit together neatly!

    1. Thankyou, I wasn't sure what to expect either when I saw you could get 5 polishes for under £8, but they're fab colours AND great for nail art so I'll definitely be buying more, especially if they're available on the high street (not sure if they are or not - Makeup Revolution apparently sell some stuff in Superdrug but not sure if it includes these)

  3. Oh I love these! Your swatches look so good (I love your nail shape, very elegant btw!). I am also loving every colour you picked :)

    1. Thanks, I like this nail shape too - if I see any pics of my nails before I had them this shape they look really weird to me! I think this was definitely the nicest, most unusual and striking collection they had on offer, I think the others were mostly collections of reds/nudes!

  4. These all look gorgeous on you. Love these shades x


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