Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gel nails for Salou


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'd know I've just been away on my holidays - 10 days in Salou! I'm back home now, and it went so fast!

Before I went, I decided to get my nails done with gel so I didn't have to worry about chips or have to take any polish with me. After a lot of research into salons I eventually picked Pastille in Leeds as they've got active social media accounts meaning I could look at all the pretty nails they'd done! When I booked, I found out I was getting my nails done by Olivia, who I already knew of via her personal Instagram account which was even cooler!

I picked the two brightest colours available, and went for a triangle design, which Olivia did soooo neatly! She didn't even use a template/vinyls for the white V, it's all freehand! I loved getting my nails done, it was such a treat, and Pastille and Olivia were so nice and friendly. My nails looked amazing for the whole of my hols and I couldn't stop taking pics of them - here's some:

And a pic of me and my boyfriend enjoying Cava Sangria....

And some cheap polishes I picked up in a gift shop - love these!

I'm back at work in a few days so I spent the last hour soaking off the gel nails, following the instructions Pastille posted on their Instagram. I wish I'd got it done in the salon cos it's taken me ages and is so fiddly! Here's two more photos - first is my nails as soon as I got them done then after 2 weeks (they're not faded, just different lighting!) to show the growth. Second pic is me taking them off!

As I said, I'm now back home in England so will be back posting regular nail art from now on! x


  1. I love Pastille, I had my toes done (normal polish) with an Aztec design and they are going strong 3 weeks later! Live the colours you chose for yours!

  2. Welcome back! Gorgeous mani for your holiday - love the colours.
    Those polishes you picked up look amazing x


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