Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chai & Cardamom


Today I'm showing off swatches of two of the new Barry M gelly shades. Six were released for autumn this week, and I bought my two favourites. The other four were shades of yellow/red/brown - they were gorgeous colours but not ones I thought I'd regularly wear on my nails. Instead I went for the grey (Chai) and the green (Cardamom) as these are colours I can see myself wearing.

Here's Cardamom - in these photos I've used two coats with no topcoat. I've included pics from my phone and my camera as they've captured the colour slightly differently! I love this, it's kind of a muted, forest green, kind of khaki and I'm definitely wanting to use it in some camoflage-print nail art! 

This one is Chai, again I've included pics from both my phone and my camera. This is two coats with no topcoat, and is a lovely mid-grey with great coverage. I can see this being a nice shade to wear to work, or a base for nail art!

I really like these two shades and can see myself using them a lot, especially in autumn/winter. I'd recommend checking out the other shades that have been newly released too - they're gorgeous rich colours, especially Mustard (yellow).

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  1. I haven't tried mustard yet but Cocoa (the brown one) is surprisingly flattering - most browns are a bit yellow-toned and don't look that great but Cocoa is more red so it looks like proper molten chocolate - I think it'd be flattering for most skin tones and it's GORGEOUS. I've also tried the Cardamom (LOVE) orange one (Paprika) which really surprised me, I love it! They all seem to be really bold, jewel shades and although I'd never normally wear oranges or yellows (I look like a kid with finger paint) or brown (because of the aforementioned skin tone issues) I can see myself using all of these shades A LOT.

    Good job I accidentally bought all of them.


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