Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Orly Nail Rescue


Last week I had a really bad nail break- it didn't break right off but cracked really low down. I posted a pic on Instagram asking for help- I have used the 'teabag repair' method before but found that this never really held more than a day, especially if I was at work!

A fab person suggested I try ORLY Nail Rescue so I had a quick look online to see what it was and how much it cost. It was quite pricey at £10.95 but I felt it was my only option so ordered it from Amazon. After an agonising wait for it to come (I was sure it'd arrive Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend, but it came today!) I was eager to try it out.

This is what comes in the kit - nail glue, magic(!) powder and a buffer. The instructions were nice and consise:

Here's my nail before I started. Gross right?! It fully bent back when I was opening a fridge, I'm surprised it didn't snap right off, but instead I got this kind of bend/break in the top layer right across, and a small crack on the left side...

After I removed my polish and teabag I followed the above instructions. It was dead easy....Here's what it looked like before buffing away the excess:

And after: (sorry about the state of them in general!)

It was still quite rough even after buffing, it kind of felt like textured polish! I went around the cuticle with acetone on a small brush to try and create a neater edge. To counteract the roughness I had to apply quite a few coats of basecoat, polish and topcoat to get my nail looking as smooth as the others, but I think it worked! 

My nail definitely feels a lot stronger. I will let you know how long it lasts for, but hopefully I can just re-apply or top up the powder every couple of days or before each mani, as needed, until my nail is long again! Annoying but I'm willing to do it to keep this nail as this is my swatching/photographing hand!

Also, the little pot of powder and the bottle of glue are quite big, this kit should last me for ages, to keep this break mended and for any future ones, so I reckon it was worth the money. 

One last photo of my nails all painted - you can't even tell the nail rescue stuff is on!! :-) This is Porchester Square by Nails Inc and it's a lovely nude, very subtle and perfect for work (and a base for nail art!) 


  1. Sounds really useful. I always get annoying cracks like this just before a big day or event ... may well invest in this as it's so frustrating having to end up with short nails because one snapped.

  2. Wow - can't even tell! I'm due a breakage, it's been a while. Might be worth having some for emergencies x


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