Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Dior Polish


I had a lovely Christmas, and hope everyone else did too! I got lots of great presents, plus a few bottles of polish! I don't usually ask for polish as I've got so much already it's hard for people to know what to get, but I got some fab stuff from some friends who know me well enough to know what I need/like!! I got a glittery polish from Topshop that came in a mini bauble to hang on the tree (thanks Bob!), a pink holo polish from Freckles Polish (that I'd actually been wanting for ages - thanks SecretSantaNina!) and the Ciate Chalkboard Nails set (thanks Kathie!).

I also got two of the new Dior polishes from my boyfriend. I'd pointed them out in a magazine a month or so ago but then forgot about them, so I was so excited to open them up on Christmas day! I got 'Shock' which is a bright red, and 'Golden Shock', a gold flakie. They're both stunning, and I don't want to put them away because I just want to be able to see the bottles all the time!

I tried them out yesterday, and came up with this manicure. I used the red on all my fingernails except my little one, which got two coats of a gold polish ('Goldie but Goodie') by China Glaze. I then topped them all with the gold flakie. This took a bit of work to get the flakies spread evenly - you had to load the brush up with quite a lot of polish, and then dab on more flakies into any bare patches! I finished off with a generous coat of Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen to smooth out any sharp edges on the glitter.

I then decided to go a step further (as I thought the flakies over the red was a bit too predictable to do with the two polishes!) ...and add gold underneath my nails - I've heard this called a flip mani, or Louboutin nails (when it's done with black and red anyway). I just used the brush from the bottle of my China Glaze gold, and carefully painted on two coats of gold under each nail - luckily they're quite long so you can see a lot of it. I then used a little brush dipped in acetone to clean away any of the gold that got onto my fingers in the process!


  1. Lovely manicure! Those polish bottles are so cute :)


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