Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nail Geek Swatches #2


I was sent another lovely batch of Nail Geek polishes to swatch and review again this week. This is Beauty Not Beast collection which is five pretty-pink-pastel shades. Here they are!

I started off with the palest shade - this is "Eu Natural" and is an off-white. I was really interested to see how this would apply as I'm always looking for a cheap white that gives good coverage. In the pic I've used three coats. This is a pretty shade but doesn't give full coverage even with three coats - it still looked a bit streaky, so this won't be my new "go-to" white polish unfortunately!

The second and third shades are sooo similar and it's hard to see the difference between them in my pics! They're both pale pinks. The slightly paler of the two is "Calming". In this picture I've used three coats, and it's still not fully opaque. 

Here's the third one, "Ballet Shoes". Like I said, this is similar to the above shade, but I like it better because it built up much better in three coats and had a lovely finish!

This one is "Down To Earth", and has a shimmer through it - which I didn't realise from looking at the pics on the website. This one is really pretty, and this picture is three coats!

I've saved my favourite one for last. This pale purple is called "Sleep", and I used three coats again. The coverage and finish was perfect and I ended up wearing this one to work for a couple of days (very work-appropriate shade!) and got quite a few compliments on the shade. 

These polishes sell for £1.99 each or £7.95 for the set of 5. I'd definitely recommend getting the purple, "Sleep", and the other collection I reviewed is definitely worth a look too as it had some gorgeous pastel green and blues!


  1. Me gustan todos, en especial el primero. un beso

  2. i love the purple!


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