Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Models Own: Diamond Luxe


At the weekend I was down in London, and couldn't resist a trip to a Models Own Bottleshop (I went to the one in Stratford Westfield). I took advantage of their 6-for-20 offer, and my haul included three of the new Diamond Luxe collection. These polishes have real diamond dust in them to make them shimmery! I also picked up a new white, and the banana and peach scented Fruit Pastels. 

From the Diamond Luxe collection I picked out Oval Plum, Emerald Green and Princess pink after looking at a lot of swatches. I picked the green as I thought it was a beautiful shade, the pink because I can't resist a pastel pink and the plum as the shimmer looked really pretty in the darker shades.

I used all three over the last few days to test them out, and created two different manicures. I'll show the manicures first, then let you know my opinions on the polishes! 

The first manicure is this 'pop art' style one where I used Emerald Green and Oval Plum. I also used my Barry M black nail art pen for the details. It looked great from a distance but I don't think it was neat enough close up!

Here's Emerald Green before I added the pattern - it's a bit greener in real life, this is with the flash on my camera!

Here's the second manicure - this is a base of Princess Pink (two coats) with a glitter gradient using Hot Stuff from Models Own's Disco Ball collection.

I loved the look of these polishes in the bottle - the gold lids and lettering were really pretty, and they looked so rich and opulent. The choice of shades was nice and it was so hard to choose! The brushes were wider than usual which was good for a quick application. The polishes needed 2-3 coats to stop them looking patchy. I felt like the shimmer didn't really show up very much in the pink and the green, I'd have definitely liked more shimmer. However I love how the shimmer shows up on the plum shade, it's so vibrant and this is definitely my favourite of the three. If you are thinking of picking up any of these shades and don't know which to choose I'd definitely recommend looking at swatches first to see how each comes out on the nail, because if you're expecting each one to be super sparkly you might be disappointed!


  1. The first nail art its fantastic!!

  2. Beautiful manis!! Love that emerald green!! :)

  3. Awesome nail art - love your first design sooooo much x

  4. first design is spotless my dear- I love it very much :D


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