Thursday, 11 September 2014

Nailtiques: Formula 2 Kit


I decided it was time I posted something about the Nailtiques kit I received as part of a prize from a giveaway by The Naily Mail last month.

There are quite a few different nail care products by Nailtiques, and this kit contains three of them. It has:

Formula 2 - (blue bottle) This is described on the leaflet as being:
"A treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails.
Formula 2 consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners to strengthen nails. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling resulting in long, strong and healthy nails."

Formula 2 comes in a little bottle with a brush. You're supposed to apply it daily to bare nails, similar to how you would use other treatments such as Nail Envy. I used to use nail envy as a base coat to all my manicures, so I decided to switch to doing this with Formula 2 instead. I couldn't bring myself to have completely bare nails as you're supposed to, but I do think this is helping my nails. Since I've been using it I've had no breaks, and my nails feel harder/stronger and look more healthy.
The lack of breaks could also be down to my new nail shape - they used to bend quite a bit at the sides, but my new 'pointy' shape seems to have lessened the chance for this to happen.
The bottle is only small but there is still quite a lot left, even though I've been using it for nearly a month now, so hopefully it will last a while yet!
The only issue I have with it is that the brush in the bottle is unevenly cut at the bottom - half of it is a few millimetres longer than the other which makes it tricky to apply! Pic of the wonky brush:

Oil Therapy - (orange bottle)
"A delicate blend of vitamin-enriched oils specifically formulared to prevent and treat brittle nails and cuticles naturally. Softens cuticles by replenishing the skin's natural oils. It also acts as a preventative and treatment for dry, brittle nails by sealing in moisture."

Firstly, this oil smells absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't really think how to describe the smell until I read on another blog that it smelt like marshmallow. I suppose this is kind of correct - it's quite sweet but not overly so, my boyfriend thinks it smells a bit almondy. Delicious, anyway. It's definitely the nicest-smelling cuticle oil I've used. It comes in a little bottle like Formula 2, and I've been brushing it onto my cuticles a few times a day then gently massaging it in. It's not overly greasy and soaks into the skin well. 
The brush makes it easy to apply, although a shorter/firmer brush, or even a 'pad' like what you might apply eyeshadow with might make it even easier. The brush in my bottle was severely bent to one side though which I don't seem to be able to correct :-( It's a shame I've had issues with both brushes, it does make you question the quality of the brushes slightly, but I suppose it doesn't really alter how well the oil works once it's on!
Pic of the bent brush:

Cuticle & Skin Gel - 
"A glycerin and aloe enriched formula that conditions and penetrates deep into the skin. The gel acts immediately to help soften cuticles, promote healing of cracked cuticles and restore smoothnessto rough skin."

This little pot of cream is kind of gel-like, hence it's name! It's aimed at very dry/damaged cuticles, and according to the leaflet it can also be used on other areas of dry skin too, like elbows and knees. My cuticles are pretty well behaved, so I didn't think they would need such an intense treatment as this, especially since I was using the oil. 
However, I was having my first pedicure in a salon a few weeks ago, so for a week or so before that I applied this gel to the dry/cracked skin of my heels to see if it would improve it - I didn't want the nail lady at the salon to see how bad my feet were!  And I think it really really made a difference - my heels were much softer after only using the gel once a day for a week! So I definitely think it'd help people with really dry/cracked cuticles. 
The only downside is that the pot is tiny (it looks quite big in the pic I've used but it actually contains a very small amount!) and I practically used it up in just a week! This could be because I was applying more on my heels than a person would to the cuticles, but still, the pot is tiny and I can see it running out much faster than Formula 2 or the oil.

Overall I really like this stuff, and I think once it has run out I will repurchase it and keep using it instead of Nail Envy. I think when you use polish as much as I do, it's definitely a good idea to use a nourishing treatment as a base coat.

My only slight issue was the problems with both the brushes but I think I was just unlucky in both cases, and like I said above, I'm still able to apply the formula/oil. 

Thanks again Lauren - I would never have tried Nailtiques if I hadn't won your giveaway! :D

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