Monday, 8 September 2014

Muted Florals


Finally had chance to try out some nail art. These were to wear to work so I wanted to keep the colour scheme quite pale/muted.

I wanted to use one of my new Barry M gelly polishes (new to me, not to Barry M) Elderberry, which is a kind of grey/blue and it's gorgeous. I knew I wanted to create a gradient but most of the other gelly shades are quite bright. When I picked up Lychee I knew it was the perfect shade to use with it. As always I used a makeup sponge to create the gradient and helped it to dry quickly using Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. Here's the gradient with the polishes used before I added anything:

I then used the pink, white and black Barry M nail art pens to draw the flowers, and sealed with another coat of Insta-Dri.

I really like these, although at first I thought they looked a bit dull, they're ideal for work as they're pretty but not too in-your-face. 


  1. These look gorgeous! I thought the flowers were water decals actually hehe :) The gradient is perfect, I love those colours together!

  2. Love the colours used. And the flowers are really pretty x

  3. This is really pretty, feminine and delicate.


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