Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 4 - Orange Nails

Time for another weekly challenge post (a made-up year-long challenge with my awesome friends). This week's theme was Orange. I wasn't sure what to do until last week when I came across a cling-film manicure tutorial! I really wanted to try this out as I'd not seen anything like it before. Here are the results, and the method...

I started with a base coat of Orange Soda by 17. Here's the base on it's own - such a lovely colour! There are some flaws here like the little bump in the middle nail that would do my head in if I wasn't doing anything else to my nails, but as it was just the base colour it didn't matter about mess! This is two coats.

After waiting for the base colour to fully dry, I then took small balls of cling film. I painted over one nail with the darker orange, which is Coral Romance by Rimmel (gorgeous colour again!). I then took the little scrunched up ball of cling-film and dabbed it over the nail, making the top coat all patchy. And that's basically it! I was going to finish with a top coat, but I decided I liked how textured the nails looked.

The tutorial I had read said you needed one ball of cling film for each nail, but I didn't find that I did - you could easily use the same ball on about 3/4 nails (or more).

The Verdict: I like the effect, but I think for a more striking look, the colours used should be more contrasting - like a pink and a blue or something. You can't really see the effect on this light orange/dark orange combo unless you look closely.

I also have a bit of a personal OCD-ish type thing when it comes to manicures that are supposed to look messy. I much prefer neatness, so I think they will annoy me! I already miss my black studded matte nails, which were still looking pristine :-(

Let me know what you think of this look, have you tried it? Do you want to?

Also, please check out my friend's nails - they are doing the same challenge as me and have both produced something fab! 
Kay's orange nails
Bob's orange nails 

Sarah x 

P.S - forgot to mention that just as I finished this and was putting my stuff away, I spilt a cup full of nail varnish remover over my nails and laptop! Thankfully neither got ruined - manicure was undamaged and none went on my laptop screen or in the keyboard but a corner of the plastic got all peeled and gross-looking as the nail varnish caused the plastic to react weirdly.... ahh disaster! (hehehe)

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  1. I haven't tried this method yet! But looks very interesting :)
    This colour is awsome!


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