Friday, 11 January 2013

A few reviews

I had to simplify my nails as my manager at work isn't keen on bright colours and patterns. Part of our uniform is dark pink so I decided to go with Ruby Gem by 17 so I could at least say I matched! This is two coats with topcoat. I've posted so many pics because my camera and my phone wouldn't fully capture the beautiful colour! It's not as bright as the first pic, nor as dark as in the last! These are three pics of the same polish though...!

I love this colour so much. It's exactly the colour I want to buy a car in... and the Seche Vite over the top has made it super shiny. 

My next little review is on 17's glitter crackle top-coat. I bought this a while ago and didn't really get on with it, but thought I would give it another go. I'm afraid my opinion hasn't changed! I think it's way too heavy, and although if you look closely you can see the cracks revealing the colour underneath, from a distance you can't really see the effect. I think this might by the glitter not allowing the polish to "crackle" effectively? 

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  1. Crackle nail polish always does my head in. I find it such a pain to remove. I adore the first colour. I WANT ALL THE COLOURS IN THE WORLD!


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