Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Buried Treasure

I named this post as I did as my nails at the moment look like sparkling treasure! I love them! Recently I was in my local town centre and walked past a discount beauty shop called Zest as I have done hundreds of times... I never bother going in for a look as I don't really bother with make-up/hair extensions etc, and I have always kind of assumed that cheaper brands won't be as nice as the real thing. However after finding Sally Hansen in Poundland I decided to have a quick look at their nail varnish selection. They had loads for 99p and £1.99 - most of the brands I'd not heard of, but there were some fabulous colours. I limited myself to two 99p glitters, thinking that if they were no good, I'd not spent much on them. One of them was this one:

...Never heard of this brand before but I loved the mixture of different glitters - small gold glitter, then medium blue chunks, and big red and pink chunks. I thought it looked really different. Once at home I was stuck for what to use as a base under this - there are so many colours already I didn't want to over-load it! I was first going to use pink, but then settled on gold - not sure why!

I used two coats of a cheap gold varnish for the base (so cheap that the bottle is unbranded - think I got it in a set years ago? But it was the colour I had in mind) ...and then two/three coats of the glitter on top, prodding it about a bit so the bits of big glitter were scattered evenly across the nail. I finished with two coats of seche vite fast drying topcoat to make them all shiny and smooth.

I adore this look! I think I like it because it's hard to see imperfections - it doesn't matter if the base coat isn't perfect, and the glitter is meant to look randomly scattered. And someone at work has already asked me to pick up this glitter for them as they think it looks so nice. Completely worth 99p!

Below are a few pics I took in different light - they're so sparkly that they always look different - I can't stop peering down at my nails at work :-) I had to include the last pic as the glitter on my little finger is actually sparkling in the light!

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  1. I love Zest! It's one of the things that makes me saddest about not living in York anymore ):


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