Thursday, 9 April 2015

Pastel Dotticure


Another design, which I think is quite cute for Easter/Spring. I must admit I didn't have much inspiration or time when I came up with these. I decided to use the Speedy Quick Dry collection that I won from Barry M as I'm loving the gorgeous pastel shades for spring. Quick-dry is great for nail art too as you don't have to wait forever before adding stuff or topcoating!

I used the pale blue for the base, and then five further shades for the dots. I painted a small blob of the colour I wanted onto a piece of scrap paper, then dipped a dotting tool in the blob and made the dots! This is much easier than trying to dip a dotting tool actually into a bottle of polish as you can more easily control how much you get. 

I finished off with a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. I like how these look quite subtle at first glance, but up close are more detailed! I definitely want to do another dotticure, but with bolder colours and I want to try a spiral pattern!

I was told at work these looked a bit like Easter Eggs, and also someone else insisted they were falsies and I couldn't have done them myself which is always a compliment, haha.


  1. In love with this look!! I can never get my dots this perfect!

    1. I find dots really hard as well, I'm not sure how they went so neat this time but it has inspired me to try other dotty designs!!


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