Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Today I've got some ladybirds to show you! I saw a similar design by @lieve91 on twitter and wanted to recreate it. I thought it'd be ideal for spring, and not too hard to do.

I started with three coats of Road Rage by Barry M. This is the mint green shade from the Speedy Quick Dry collection. I've not yet had chance to try out all the shades from this collection yet, but the ones I have tried have been great! The pastel colours are gorgeous, and apply smoothly. 

Once my base was dry, I added red dots using a dotting tool and Passion Fruit by Barry M. I left them a while so the red dots dried and wouldn't streak when I added topcoat. After the topcoat I waited a bit longer as nails need to be completely dry when using the Barry M nail art pens.

When I thought they were dry enough, I began adding heads, dots and legs to each red blob to make ladybirds. This was quite time-consuming and I had to go steadily and not rush to make sure I got all the tiny detail right. They're definitely not perfect, but as a repeated print across all my nails they look quite quirky and cute!

I started by doing my right hand (as I'm left handed and it's easier) but by the time I got to my left hand I'd got the hang of it, and despite using my non-dominant hand to add the details I actually like the finished look of my left hand better, I think it's neater! Here are both my hands anyway:

...and here's a swatch of Road Rage on its own before I added the bugs. A gorgeous mint shade!!


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