Sunday, 19 April 2015



I like to do nails to 'go with' places I'm going! Today, I went with my mum, sister and grandma to York's Chocolate Story, which is like a museum about the history of chocolate. It's in York, where I live, but we've never actually got round to going. We thought it'd be a fun day out so we went today. There was a guided tour with info about the history of chocolate-making and how it is made. There was also quite a few different opportunities to taste chocolate in different forms, watch a chocolate-making demo and to decorate our own chocolate lolly!

I had a look on Google to see what 'chocolate nails' other people had done, and found a fab design done by quite a few people that made the nails look like chocolate bars. It looked pretty simple to do, so I decided to have a go.

I started off with three coats of brown polish. I remember buying this cheap, unbranded polish because brown is useful for nail art. I'd never wear brown polish otherwise! After the brown was completely dry, I used the black and the white Barry M nail art pens to create the chocolate bar pattern, using the images I'd seen on Google as a guide. I started by using the black to draw a grid on each nail, then adding a black "L" shape into each square. I then used the white to do an upside down L! As I was doing these I didn't think they looked too good, but the overall look was quite effective. 

*eats nails*


  1. This looks so good! I can't get over how neat your lines are! I'm so jealous of your chocolate museum. We have a salt museum where I live. Salt.
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Haha! Well you could always do salt nails.... hehehe


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