Wednesday 23 July 2014

Freckles Polish New Collection


Today I've got a special post to share - I have two new polishes from Freckles Polish to give you a sneak preview of. Both of these polishes are from a new collection to be released on August 1st, and the collection is called "A Typical British Summer" - very clever! Freckles Polish is an Indie polish brand, meaning all these polishes are hand-made.

The first polish I have to share is called Wellies Or Flip flops? which to be honest is the dilemma I've been facing for the past week - what do you wear on your feet when it's forecast to be very hot, with thunderstorms?!
This polish is a lovely bright blue shade with a scattering of different sized purple glitter, with the fab addition of some butterflies! 
In these swatches I applied three coats with no base coat. I had to do a little fishing to catch those butterflies and place them on my nails, but this is normal with big glitter pieces. The smaller glitters came out very generously!

I loved this shade of blue, and the butterflies! I think next time I use it though I will use a similar blue as a base coat, then just use one coat of this polish, as some of the glitters/butterflies in the first coat got all covered up as I added more coats! 

The second polish I have to show you is an absolute beauty and I love it! It's called Strawberries and Cream (yum!) and is a pale milky-pink base with tiny red glitter (squares and circles) medium red hexes and big red circles. There's also a scattering of tiny blue "lines" that really make this polish unique. I'm not usually a fan of this "line/bar" glitter, but in this polish  it just seems perfect, and there's just the right amount.

Here's the pictures, look at those amazing big red circle glitters! Looooooove

I love pale pink polishes with a funky mix of glitter, so this one is absolutely perfect for me!

If you want a nosy at the other new polishes that are going to be released as part of this collection, check out Freckles Polish Facebook page, and also follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more sneak-peeks and updates.

The collection will be released on the 1st of August and you will be able to purchase them here on Etsy. Also, check out the polishes already for sale in the Freckles Polish store, they're so pretty, especially the holographic ones!

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  1. These look so nice! Strawberries and Cream is definitely my favourite, I just love those colours!


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