Thursday, 3 July 2014

Flowers and Chevrons


I've wanted to have another play with my chevron/zigzag (never sure what to call them!) vinyls from She Sells Seashells for a while, and when I saw a manicure on Instagram by @memyselfandmynails I was inspired to do a similar manicure.

I painted my two middle fingers white, using Snow Me White by Sinful Colors (two coats). I painted the rest of my fingers pink, using Pink Veneer by Models Own, hypergel. I've used more than half of this bottle already, and it's starting to go a bit gloopy :-( It's such a lovely shade, but can be a bit difficult to apply! 

Once my two middle fingers were completely dry, which I helped along with a quick-dry topcoat and also waited a while - you need to do this as the chevron stickers are very sticky and if your polish isn't fully dry it will just peel off along with the stickers when you pull them up!

For the chevron finger, I placed a block of 6 chevron stencils over my nail, and then removed every 2nd one using tweezers. I did it like this so there'd be an even gap in-between! I then painted over the gaps with pink, then immediately removed the remaining chevrons. 

For the flowers, I used a large dotting tool that I won via the amazing Naileymabob from Models Own, and then a smaller dotting tool for the leaves. The dots in the middle I made with a white nail-art pen.

I think this was such a simple look to create, but I adore it! I hope it's subtle enough for work as the colours are pale and there's not a pattern on every finger..... or am I just delusional that these are "plain"?! Ha ha I don't care because they're prettyyyy! I'll just have to keep my hands in my pockets all day....


  1. These are so pretty! The zig zags are so neat and I love the flowers! I think these are subtle enough for work - there's not nail art on every finger! :)


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