Saturday, 28 February 2015

Full Pastel Gradient


Again I've not had much time for posting due to my work. However, here's some pictures of a manicure I did a few days ago. I've wanted to try a full pastel gradient for a while now - where the gradient goes across all of the nails on the hand. I used my usual gradient method and the polishes I used were:

Banana Split by Models Own (yellow)

Peach Melba by Models Own (peach)
Strawberry Tart by Models Own (pink)
Grape Juice by Models Own (purple)
Powder Blue by Models Own (blue)
Sugar Apple by Barry M (green)

...if I'd had all of the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection I would have used them all as they're the perfect pastels, but I don't have the blue and the green so had to substitute them with one of the new Hypergels and a Barry M gelly, but I think they still looked nice together!

If I'd not been at work I would have added a single silver stud at the base of each nail I think, which would have finished the look off nicely. But I still love these! 


  1. this is a perfect gradient! soooo sweet!

  2. Amazing! My boyfriend is sitting next to me screaming out how much he likes your nail art! Perfect colours :)

  3. your colour combos are always perfect! Love it!

  4. Rainbow gradients are my favourite kind of gradients! x


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